Friday, August 6, 2010


I have been stalking a new restaurant that I pass on my way to work ever since the illuminated Au(which stands for gold on the periodic table) sign appeared. Through my sleuthing (yesterday as I passed by there was a pile of boxes outside and I peeked at the side of one of them which read "sentinel") I have discovered the new takeout nook is Dennis Leary's (owner of Cantine and The Sentinel) latest venture, Golden West. It will serve as a bakery supplying his two pre-existing restaurants as well as offering new lunch items. Looking forward to it. For EaterSF's article about the soon-to-open Golden West click here.

It turns out that Dennis Leary also has another new venture in the works, he just bought the old saloon next to the Sentinel, for more click here.

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  1. Unfortunate names all around! Dennis Leary, not to be confused with comedian/actor Denis Leary. Golden West, not to be confused with the hardly prestigious Orange County-based junior college this commenter attended, and also the name of the street in Huntington Beach, CA, said junior college is on. Goldenwest Street is quite a long one, however, so where it stops at Pacific Coast Highway, you also find the statue of the surfer that actual surfers think is funny (I think because his stance is more that of a ballerina than a surfer) and mock with regularity and sometimes incredible creativity.