Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Shiro in Pasadena -
We started by ordering the grilled baby artichokes with a light arugula salad (attractive, but weird metallic taste) and also chose a shrimp mousse ravioli with maitake mushrooms in a wild mushroom cream sauce. The ravioli was the best dish of the night with a wonderful mushroomy flavor; although I must say that the shrimp filling was not at all mousse-like.
Main courses: Sonoma duck breast in an orange sauce (very rare but good), black cod marinated in mirin and miso (à la Matsuhisa) with japanese eggplant (tasty but the skin was not quite as wonderfully crisped as the Matsuhisa version. For Nobu's recipe click here), and, for the main event, whole sizzling catfish with Ponzu sauce and fresh cilantro (more about the presentation probably than the actual food). Good not great. Being a starving student I thought the prices bordered on offensive, but with my Blackboard Eats discount it was almost worth it.


  1. looks a little on the gooey side for me...
    but nice post!

  2. I love that you call yourself a starving student yet you eat out more than anyone I know. Oh yeah, and you're not a student! :P
    (More about your exciting email later... I can't believe you won that lottery prize!! OK, I won't tell anyone... I know how grabby-handsy (boy)friends and relatives can be.)

  3. I think "starving student" is more a mindset. . .

  4. Then I must be an independently wealthy international superstar.