Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Basil-Citrus Shortbread Cookies

I am a shortbread lover, but I have two problems with it: 1. I can never bring myself to use a pound of butter in one recipe 2. I think due to issue #1, my shortbread, in the past, has not tasted as delicious as others'. In an attempt to make myself feel better I made a shortbread recipe that called for only 1 cup butter (but it only makes about 15 cookies - don't do the math).
I was a little wary of the basil in my cookies - I think oftentimes herbs in cookies end up making you feel like you are munching on a hotel-sized bar of soap - but these were very nice. The basil was mild but provided a nice complement to the tartness of the lemon and lime. They also did not last long which is generally a good indication.