Friday, February 8, 2013

Disappointing Game, Fulfilling Nachos

Well, we may not have won the game, but at least the nachos were awesome.
Sutro Baths
The real star of the day though, was . . . Sutro Sam (see below for a portrait)! I get abnormally excited by animal sightings, so naturally I have an unhealthy interest in our local river otter, Sam. Re-directing my focus -  Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone and as I may have mentioned in the past, my real interest is based on the rituals of eating surrounding the "big game". Although I did get into it, given that the local team (the 49ers, for those of you who may not know - no judgment) was in it. Unfortunately it didn't go our way but I think we all took comfort in the copious amounts of pork and crunchy-nacho-ness surrounding us.

I was inspired by Bon Appetit's recipe from their latest issue - but I of course made some tweaks. To see my version read on: