Friday, August 20, 2010


Los Toros, Chatsworth -
Best meal deal of the week. To start: an ample supply of salsa, chips and piping hot bean dip (all you can eat bean dip . . . mexican cuisine at its best). I got the "luncheon special" - carnitas burrito (filled with rice and refried beans), served with rice, refried beans (of course), and guacamole, all accompanied by a blended margarita = $6.75!!


  1. Are you tryin' to kill me!? That looks/sounds AMAZING! When next I see you we're going to a taqueria! And you're making me some mango salsa and poached eggs and we're going to that ice cream place and... and ....

  2. that's what we'll do each week when you move! it will be great!