Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Saratoga, CA - Visited this pleasant, small town nestled in the mountains near Palo Alto, about an hour south of San Francisco. The town boasts a few high-brow foodie establishments (Sent Sovi and The Plumed Horse, which has one Michelin star, among others). We decided to be budget friendly and ducked into the sole Thai restaurant in town, Bai Tong Thai. To keep it sweet and short - it was delicious. The restaurant is owned by a local Thai couple and they serve delicious authentic food and highlight some of the fresh local produce.
I order green papaya salad at every Thai restaurant I eat at as a gauge and Bai Tong definitely passed the test. It was a delicious specimen with toasted peanuts and a refreshing amount of cilantro. We ate a couple different main dishes family style - thai-style green shell mussels, panang curry (my favorite), and the surprise star of the night, crispy bbq pork with a housemade sweet thai chili sauce. I MAY have asked for an extra container of sweet thai chili sauce to go so I could put it on some rice later because it was just that good.
We rounded out the night with a concert at the Mountain Winery (pictured at top), on the grounds of what was once the well-known Paul Masson Winery.

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