Wednesday, July 28, 2010


On our way home from Tahoe we had the good fortune of passing through Davis around lunch hour and decided we would stop in for some legendary road food at what, for years, was named Murder Burger (the name has now subtly been changed to Redrum Burger).On a 90 degree day when you have no air conditioning and are cooped up in a car for hours this is exactly what one should eat.

Between the three of us we got the patty melt (guess which one that is), a chicken burger, and the most delicious turkey sandwich ever (real home-roasted turkey, thickly sliced, and slathered in gravy!). We wanted to order bison burgers but unfortunately they were out that day. For 'dessert' we got what must have been a 2.5 pound strawberry shake made with fresh strawberries. All in all it was a delicious road stop and should be awarded extra points for character.

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