Thursday, July 29, 2010


Humphry Slocombe - I tasted: peanut butter curry (not as weird as I thought it would be but wasn't ready to eat an entire scoop), blackberry shortbread (good, straightforward), malted milk chocolate (mm), secret breakfast (the signature - toasted cornflakes and bourbon), brown butter (VERY rich), and Eight Ball Stout (ordered it for someone else and liked it so much I ate it all - pictured above). For a good NY times article about Humphry Slocombe and its proprietor, Jake Godby click here.

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  1. What?! Don't tell me about these places! I've just come off an ice-cream-eating binge and may have to go to rehab if I can't hold it together. Is that a two-headed cow on the wall?! Yeeesh! Is this a fru-fru place in the Mission!!? (Please realize this is the same district that in the movie "Vertigo" they referred to as "skid row"!!!) OK, you can tell me where it is now. No, don't. OK, do...