Friday, July 2, 2010


The new Off the Grid Event at Fort Mason - a foodie's dream gathering of street food trucks.

I made the rounds of the food trucks (ordered from three trucks but tasted from five - mmm) and Hapa SF was by far my favorite. I ordered the sigsig tacos (which for those of us not familiar with Filipino food is, I gather, pork in a soy-lime sauce) served with avocado salsa verde, radishes and cilantro. The pork was caramelized and lovely and all the sauces made it feel refreshing - and delicious. An added bonus - the "cashiers" were a father-daughter team (the little girl was probably 8) providing sweet service and a nice mom and pop shop ambience.

Kung Fu tacos was next on my list which was also good but didn't quite live up to Hapa (although they were only $2 a taco - which scores serious points with my miniscule budget). I tried the chicken taco and moo shu veggie tacos.

Waited in line to try Chairman Bao. I tried three different steamed bao - the pork belly with pickled cabbage, sesame chicken with scallions and bok choy (pictured here), and the duck confit with mango "salad." Maybe I was expecting too much, but I definitely felt let down. The breading was a bit dry, while the fillings were greasy and nothing special. To end on a good note, I thought the duck was the highlight - moist and fairly tasty and the mango added a nice acidity. In the end, I recommend passing on the fad and going to Out The Door for a chicken bun.

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