Friday, June 4, 2010


Dine About Town. Dinner at Isa on Steiner at Chestnut Street. We had calamari with flageolet beans, mussels in traditional white wine, garlic, and parsley brothy goodness. For our mains we had the pork chop with rapini and cheesy polenta and duck breast with huckleberries, arugula, and beets. This was topped off with a dessert of mascarpone, strawberry and huckleberry trifle and a grapefruit granita. The calamari and duck breast tasted oddly similar (some sort of honey-5-spice rub) and much to my surprise ... so did the trifle (huckleberry 5 spice). I thought I might have been losing it but when my dining partner tasted and agreed I decided there was indeed a little five-spice slipped into the huckleberry mascarpone creation (trifle a la Joey Tribbiani). The mussels started us off on a good note but I think it was downhill from there. Nothing terrible but nothing worth writing home, or maybe a blog entry about.

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