Tuesday, September 20, 2016

End of Summer Tomato Salad

Kicking it off - decided to come back and just do a little something for me - my hope is to use the space to keep a record of anything I'm cooking that I like and want to record and to be better about taking photographs and being (somewhat) selective about those photos that are good. So, to (re)start this bad boy, I'm posting some photos from my travels and a few snaps of one of my fave summer meals - tomatoes a la anything.


Ol & Brod Restaurant in Copenhagen


Simple Soaking Up The Season Tomato Salad (this time with anchovy vinaigrette)

heirloom tomatoes
sungold tomatoes
red onion
persian cucumbers
s and p
good olive oil
red wine vinegar
a couple of anchovy filets

chop up your tomatoes and cucumbers. thinly slice a little bit of red onion and toss into a little bowl of vinegar, let sit. make a little vinaigrette of anchovy, olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice, salt and pepper and a tiny bit of minced garlic. throw it all together with a handful of torn basil

The tomato salad with smashed fingerling 'taters and skirt steak
Snap from Ol & Brod

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