Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Panzanella

Many of my meals start out the same way as my outfits, I'm in the mood for one piece and then build the rest around it. In this case, I was given a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread that I knew I couldn't eat my way through while it was still fresh. So I decided to go with it and make some beautiful croutons with the leftovers and from there, my panzanella was born. 

I have a borderline unhealthy addiction to English peas, they are my go to afternoon snack right now and there is something cathartic for me about shelling them. 

Anyways, to make the panzanella, I tossed together English peas, some blanched asparagus, shredded kale, arugula and lemon zest. For the dressing I did a quick vinaigrette with a teensy bit of orange muscat vinegar, spring garlic, lemon juice and olive oil (salt and pepper to taste) and drizzled it over the salad (sometimes I add chili flakes when I'm in the mood.  To finish I tossed in my croutons and topped it off with a six-minute egg.  We devoured it.

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