Thursday, January 31, 2013

Splurging on Burrata - Une Tartine at a Time

 I wanted to do something simple, but simple doesn't have to mean healthy. After being good and going for a run, I ran straight to the market (never a good idea to go to the market post-workout when I am starving and  generally over-buy without fail). I helped myself to the fancy burrata (normally I go for the cheapest domestic whatever that they have to offer) the "Zoe's" prosciutto, some fresh Acme bread and I nice bunch of basil. I trudged back home and set to work making my sandwich, snacking along the way.
 This is one of my favorite  sandwiches and requires virtually no work. Slice of a nice thick piece of bread and plop a generous dollop of burrata on top (halfway there!). I add a little bit of nice sea salt to the burrata to bring out the flavor and drizzle a bit of nice balsamic on top. To finish toss on a few leaves of fresh basil and a nice helping of prosciutto, et voila! La tartine est prêt a manger!

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