Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Party! Complemented By Some Bourbon-y BBQ

I will begin with a confession - I did not make this sauce, I observed its making and enjoyed being a taster but I was most definitely not the chef. My lovely mother took on the job of BBQ sauce-maker and it turned out to be absolutely perfect (and, as proof, it was completely inhaled by the party-goers). We decided not to marinate the chicken and instead our master griller brushed the chicken with sauce as it cooked giving it a delicious, caramelized glaze. It was cooked to perfection and was such a success that we even glazed our sausages with it and gobbled those up as well. 

The aftermath

For the original recipe from Bon Appétit please click here

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  1. Who are those children? Why am I not there? How come no one's in the pool? I love the use of the basketball hoop, but not so sure about the Diaparene with chloride on the table. Also, I feel sorry for the chicken -- and that's a waste of some perfectly good bourbon, I'm sure. Aw, poor you all that I couldn't be there!!! xoxoxo (ZZ, I know, I owe you an email, and probably your folks too... what's becoming of me?)