Monday, February 27, 2012

Mac N' Cheese

In keeping with my cravings for unhealthy, hearty food, I decided to make some mac and cheese. I justified this by telling myself that our friend was in town and he would eat a lot of it . . . I ended up making so much that we ate mac and cheese for about nine days straight. 
Anyway, I stumbled upon Martha Stewart's 'perfect' mac and cheese. As a firm believer in the mantra, 'everything is better with bacon,' I amped up Martha's recipe with a few tweaks and the addition of bacon. It turned out to be really yummy, although I do recommend serving it with a light salad just to keep those arteries flowing.
*Addendum: I chopped up two thick slices of bacon and sauteed them in the skillet before making the roux. I took out the bacon but let the roux cook in the bacon fat and then added the bacon back in along with the cheese and pasta.

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