Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meyer Lemon Cake-Off: Lemon Cranberry Cake

Meyer lemons are here, and I made two very different cake recipes, neither healthy, each vying for the higher butter quotient. They were both tasty, but I definitely have a favorite. Here is the first in my two part series of the 'cake-off'–this one a meyer lemon cake with cranberries. I love having bites of soft, tart fruit mixed in to my dense buttery cakes, so that was a plus for me. And, I can say from experience, this goes well after an incredibly rich meal and also has been known to soften the blow after a loss by your home football team (and comfort the stomach's of grieving fans - RIP 49ers' season).

P.S. This is supposed to be a bundt cake, but I only have one type of pan so all of my "bundt" cakes become loaf cakes! What's in a shape?

The lovely letterpress recipe card can be purchased on Etsy from E Becker - a local of SF. Click here if you would like to buy some for yourself.
This recipe is courtesy of the Food Network kitchen and can be found in its entirety here.

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  1. Beautiful! Sounds delicious! Can it be eaten for breakfast? I'm hungry! LOVE the pictures... isn't it raining non-stop there now though? False advertising!

    I remember when I was a teen we had a bundt pan and I decided to make my mom a birthday bundt strawberry shortcake (courtesy of Betty Crocker, no doubt). That was when I learned that it was a good idea to flour pans before pouring sticky cake batter into them. It had to be partially scraped out and ended up looking like it had been in an earthquake; thus, the 'earthcake' was born. As a great baker once said, however, "What's in a shape?"