Monday, December 12, 2011

Roasted Corn and Bacon Gougères

We had friends in town this weekend and decided to get the holidays started early with a crab feast! Normally, we gorge ourselves so excessively on the crab that we don't eat anything else besides a salad. I wanted something to accompany the crab so I decided to make something equally excessive - gougères with bacon and roasted corn. I tweaked the recipe that I found in an old Gourmet - leaving out the chives and substituting in some chopped jalapeños (if you feel like it). They were scrumptious! Added bonus: the recipe makes so many puffs that I put the leftover batter (is it batter or dough?) in the fridge and made the rest the following evening and they were just as good. 

The recipe card featured above was made by the Kirtland House Press.

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