Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Skillet Cornbread

Our friends were in town for their honeymoon (congrats Charlotte and Ciarán!), so, of course, I pulled out all the stops–I made chili (recipe to follow). What is the perfect compliment to chili you might ask? Tortillas? Maybe. Biscuits? Hrm... Cornbread? Ding ding ding! Meat and beans with some warm gritty cornbread–yes please. The added perks on this particular occasion included: 1.) the cold weather outside, 2.) having a nice group of friends to share the meal with and 3.) our English friends had never experienced cornbread before (one had never had peanut butter prior to a week ago either!! - another story unto itself, suffice it to say cornbread beat peanut butter).
I used a recipe from an older issue of Bon Appetit for their Sage and Honey Skillet Cornbread and just tweaked a few things–one thing I didn't change, the amount of butter . . . I did however add a chopped jalapeno–next time I might even add two. I love the flavor of jalapeno in my cornbread. I didn't really taste the sage, or the honey, but the cornbread was moist AND delicious with a nice added crunch. 

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  1. I love cornbread! You're right... perfect with chili!! I LOVE the last photo on the page... gorgeous! I love YOU! I miss you, cuzzy, and keep thinking about you and have been so busy I haven't had time to write properly, but pretty sure your mom owes me an email so I'll write you when she writes me. Ha ha ha!!!!! LOVIES!!!!