Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Side Trip - Fried Chicken Dinner

I have been out of commission for a little bit but am back and have some new recipes to share. I was a bit under the weather and not feeling like cooking, eating, or thinking about food - luckily that has passed. Before getting sick (luckily) I got to test the waters at the newly(ish) opened Farmshop in Los Angeles. Farmshop, the brainchild of Jeffrey Cerciello (formerly of the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group), features a Sunday night fried chicken dinner (sound a little familiar? Ad Hoc much?). No complaints here - it was the best fried chicken that I have ever had. I know this is a big statement, but it was immensely tasty - so flavorful, unbelievably moist and juicy, highly craveable (and the sides were pretty tasty too). I look forward to going back.

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