Thursday, September 16, 2010



Yield Wine Bar - We were going to be in Potrero Hill so we googled 'wine bar Potrero' and discovered this warm and welcoming neighborhood spot. With a happy hour special of a carafe of whatever they have deemed to be their daily special for $12 (in our case a decent sauvignon blanc from Chile). They have a list of $5 tapas-style plates jotted onto a chalkboard and in spite of our imminent plans to eat dinner we couldn't help but partake. We enjoyed their salad with fresh cucumbers, red leaf lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, and goat cheese with a meyer lemon vinaigrette. We also sampled their thai-style cod cakes with sriracha, avocado and arugula. The cakes themselves were moist and nicely seasoned. Sriracha on most anything makes me happy and this was no exception. The only failing for me was that they served the cod cakes on the uber-trendy slider buns which I thought were unnecessary and didn't really compliment the rest of the dish (I managed to choke it all down anyways of course . . .no sense wasting a perfectly good piece of bread). I must add that one of the highlights of Yield was its staff, all of whom were sweet, outgoing and made for an all around winning experience that makes me want to go back and settle in. It is worth taking a peek at Yield's "About Us" section to get a sense of the sweet neighborhood-y vibe.
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