Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Frosty Quest - Apple Spice Cake

I don’t like to show up empty handed to events, and since I can’t afford much in the way of nice bottles of wine, I try to come up with something tasty to make (plus, it means I can make things that I feel too guilty eating all by myself—I pretend it’s okay when I share it). This cake was a particular ordeal—I decided I would make it,  but made a deal with myself that I would not bother making my own frosting and would just buy some. Well, that sounds simple enough, but apparently small grocery stores don’t value sugary cream cheese frosting enough, because NONE of them carried it. So, I figured I would find a grocery store on the way to my friends' place to grab some. 
After stopping at two more stores and coming up empty I was beginning to get panicky, but I knew there was one more possibility between where we were in the car and my friends’ house. We swerved to pull over, I darted in feeling confident as I enter the baking aisle . . . zippo, nada, no cream cheese frosting. So I did what any hungry, desperate person would do – I spent $12 on a packet of cream cheese and a tub of betty crocker vanilla frosting – et voila! Homemade cream cheese frosting. Well worth it too – the cake was moist and delicious and perfectly complimented by the sugary mixture – vanilla would not have done.
For my take on the recipe scroll down, for the original version care of Dorie Greenspan click here.  

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  1. YUM! Now here's a recipe I can get behind. Maybe I'll try it! I have an oft-used recipe (complete with pages stained in oil, cinnamon, etc,) for a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that was my grandma's (on my mom's side, so not your grandma, too). It is the most amazing thing and everyone always requests it. One thing I've just learned from you that I've never even considered, though, is to not frost around the sides of the cake, especially for those who find the frosting too sweet (ie, crazy people).