Thursday, October 6, 2011

Butter - A Love Story Continued

While living in France for six months, I took a trip to the beautiful northern town of St. Malo. While there, I observed my normal traveler's habits of eating my way through a town/region - thus, I had the express pleasure of sampling the regional delicacy known as the Kouign Amann. The Kouign Amann is a buttery, caramelized, crisp-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside, treat - it was love at first bite. I found David Lebovitz's recipe and off I went. For his full, buttery, well-tested recipe, click here.
My hand model pouring the yeast for the bread dough.
Poured the yeast, let it bubble and fizz, added flour, made dough, let it rise. I love the smell of yeast.
Added the butter and the first round of sugar
Endless fields of butter.
Fold the buttered and sugared dough into a neat little package. After letting it sit, roll it out once more, add a second round of sugar and fold back up.
 After chilling, roll the dough again, sprinkle with a final helping of sugar - et voila! you have a beautiful dessert. I could have maybe taken my kouign amann out a few minutes early but it was delicious nonetheless and I had no problem choking it down - neither did those around me.

For more Kouign Amann tales from Lebovitz read on here.

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