Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In the mood for summer - Tilapia Tacos

After a particularly grueling work week, I settled into a soothing weekend of long (slow) walks and simple cooking. I saw some beautiful fresh corn at the market, and, while it seemed a bit early, I couldn't help myself. I find that I often put my meals together in the same way that I pick my outfits – I find one random item, whether minor or major, and then build everything else around it. Thus, I built my meal around the corn and decided to make fish tacos.
For the tilapia, I prepped the fish by giving it a quick rinse, patting it dry and seasoning with a bit of salt and pepper. I added the zest of one orange and one lime, a squeeze of lemon juice and a little bit of sriracha and let the fish marinate while I prepped my toppings. I sliced some fresh radishes, boiled my corn and cut the kernels off, got out some sour cream, chopped cilantro and halved a handful of super sweet cherry tomatoes - et voila.  

To cook the tilapia, I sauteed a couple finely sliced shallots in olive oil (and a smidgen of butter) over medium heat. Once the shallots were translucent I added the fish and cooked for about 2 minutes per side. It was that simple. I cooked some black beans to serve with the tacos and put salsa out for those who wanted it. It was the perfect taste of summer (the corn was wonderfully sweet and juicy).


  1. Yum! I love fish tacos!!! Great photos... what, I only got captions that one time? That was a request for forever and ever! Captions, please (and personal email alert when they are up, ahem).

  2. Most of the photos are from a walk through the presidio. The coca cola artwork is in a diner on Clement Street called Eats (I should have credited them in the first place). I happened upon the car in a golf course parking lot. xo

  3. What were you doing in a golf course parking lot?? :)