Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Pesach

The other night we invited by friends to the most wonderful Seder (with the most spectacular food!!). Here is a petit look . .
Potatoes Anna
It took me quite a while to work out some passover friendly appetizers -  I ended up making my very first gravad lox (served on matzo crackers) and dried mission figs stuffed with herbed goat cheese.
Seder Plate

The best Spring lamb - I cannot put into words how delectable . . . It was so tender you could cut it with a fork.
Below: Spring vegetable ragout (?) with fresh asparagus tips, favas, english peas, fava leaves and flowers, spring garlic and onions and just a wee bit of butter to boot.
-Thank you Monica and Aaron-

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  1. The first time I went to a Seder was at my aunt and uncle's when I was really little. I don't remember much except my uncle was reading a book and talking funny, and there was some "fish" that didn't taste like fish, and some salty parsley that they made us eat. Isn't that what you throw away when your plate comes at Bob's Big Boy?