Monday, March 7, 2011

Lunch at Artisan, Paso Robles

On our way back to the city we stopped for a nice lunch at Artisan in Paso Robles. We jumped right in with an order of the jalapeno cornbread accompanied by honey lavender butter. The cornbread was served in a cast iron mold shaped like mini corn (the actual bread just looked nothing like corn but it was a cute idea and I liked the pan). The cornbread was nice, clearly there was some butter involved (not complaining) and I loved the hint of jalapeno flavor.
We also shared a bowl of black bean lentil soup with shredded tortilla crisps on top. The restaurant kindly gave us a taste of the soup which promptly convinced us to order a bowl of it (we couldn't stop ourselves at just a cup).
For our entrees we had the chopped salad with Point Reyes blue cheese. As you can see above the egg was PERFECTLY  cooked (I know this is subjective) but I am often wooed by oozy yolk-y goodness.
]Jan - this is a pasture on Highway 1 somewhere between Hearst Castle and Cambria.

The reuben with red cabbage and housemade russian dressing. The sandwich was yummy (although my favorite reuben is still from the La Brea Bakery take out counter).
I chose the burger. It is a rare occasion that I meet a burger that I don't like, and this was no exception. Quick observation: I think the trend of the moment is to serve a burger with a large serrated knife stabbed through the center of it -- very dramatic. Anyways Artisan's burger was served with white cheddar and housemade thousand island-y dressing. It was tasty and actually served medium rare (yay) but the patty was of the baseball-variety (extremely thick and not that wide across) and I thought the meat was just meh. When I make burgers at home I like to add spices or a little something extra into the meat (cilantro or cheese or Worcestershire) to give it flavor and flare and I found their meat a bit boring for the snazzy $13 presumptions. One last important note - the fries were perfection, golden and crusty exterior, melty buttery interior - yes please.
Jan - this is Moonstone Beach.

For Artisan's recipe for their Cuban sandwich with housemade zucchini pickles click here.

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  1. Zoe my darling... another gorgeous array of photos and tantalizing dishes. Plus, my own personal photo captions!! You made me smile to start off my day! xx