Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tataki - Sustainable Sushi

Tataki is a pleasant sushi restaurant in Western Addition/Pacific Heights which bills itself as "San Francisco's sustainable sushi restaurant." Tataki has an appealing happy hour menu that I like to take advantage of - all their featured rolls are $4.50 and they have an asian-fruit sangria that's yummy.

I began by trying the albacore tataki (I ventured off the happy hour list to try the dish for which the restaurant was named - how could you not). Tataki is a traditional Japanese way of preparing fish in which it is set to marinate with vinegar and ginger and given a quick hard sear to cook. The albacore was served with a garlic sauce. It was nicely cooked and was served on a bed of shaved daikon which was refreshing and added a nice crispness.

We then had the arctic char and avocado roll (happy hour item!) which is one of my favorites. I was a char skeptic but after Tataki's roll I think I might prefer this roll to a basic salmon roll. We also tried the spicy crunchy tuna roll (I know, it's a little froo froo) but it is SO good. The tuna has a bit of a kick (maybe shichimi togarashi??) and if you put fried panko on virtually anything and I'm going to gobble it up.

To round out my sushi binge I tried the Divisaderoll (Tataki's cross-street is Divisadero . . . get it??) which was albacore, avocado and masago (a type of roe). Very good, but I next time I will stick to my happy hour allegiance.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL photos. great promo for tataki! they should reward you.